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MASTERPIECES FOR DANCE consist of 7 masterpiece-filled albums of solo piano music by 6 great composers performed by pianist John Kane in a variety of tempi & lengths with each selection appropriately phrased for ballet class.

Make your move & let these timeless treasures inspire you!







Each album contains music for Barre & Center/Floor steps such as Plié, Tendu, Dégagé, Rond de Jambe, Frappé, Développé, Rond de Jambe en l’Air,  Petit Battement, Adagio, Grand Battement, Barre Stretch, Floor Tendu, Adagio, Petit Allegro , Waltz, Grand Allegro, Changement , Révérence and more!


With 6 albums originally released in 1983, Masterpieces for Dance instantly became a "must-have" monumental resource of music for ballet class, garnering significant critical acclaim and popularity at that time. 

All-Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Mozart, Schubert & Schumann classes were created.

Each of these 114 selections was written for piano (as a solo or chamber work or concerto) and has been specially adapted for use with barre and floor steps.   Although excerpted (with liberties taken with tempi & phrasing) to make them suitable for ballet class use, Mr. Kane's intention was to preserve & portray their character as piano masterpieces.   These 1983 recordings have been digitally re-mastered from extremely fragile magnetic audio tapes.  

The newest addition, All-Schubert Ballet Class II, was recorded in December, 2009.  Containing 24 tracks, it is offered here for the very first time!

The 7 Masterpieces for Dance albums can be purchased and shipped to you as CD's or any/all of the 138 tracks downloaded individually in MP3 format, allowing you to customize a playlist(s) of your favorites!

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CDs are $15.00 each including U.S. domestic shipping & handling.

Any track can be downloaded (MP3 format) for $1.00 each.

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